Group Details

Buildings Occupied by Unassigned Area

Abbr. Name
A01 Arl Engr. Support Fac.(prc 167)
A11 Arl Storage (prc 181)
A17 Arl Mckinney Wing (prc 190)
A18 Arl Assembly & Test. Bldg.(prc 193)
A22 Arl North Storage Bldg (prc 203)
ACB Advanced Computing Building (205)
AHG Anna Hiss Gymnasium
ARL Arl Main Building (prc 35)
ART Art Building And Museum
ASE Aerospace Engineering Building
ATT At&t Executive Educ & Conf Center
BEG Beg. Admin. Bldg. (prc 130)
BEL L. Theo Bellmont Hall
BEN Benedict Hall
BHD Brackenridge Hall Dorm
BIO Biological Laboratories
BME Biomedical Engineering Building
BMS Blanton Museum Smith Building
CBA College Of Business Administration
CMB Jesse H. Jones Comm. Ctr. (bldg. B)
CMR Cmrg Concrete Durabil. Ctr.(prc18b)
COM Computation Center
CP2 Prc Chilling Station 2 (prc 202)
CPC Cpc Field Staff Office
CPE Chemical And Petroleum Engineering
CRD Carothers Dormitory
CS3 Central Chilling Station No. 3
CS5 Central Chilling Station No. 5
CS6 Central Chilling Station No. 6
CSP Longhorn Ctr - School Partnerships
CW1 Ctr Water Resources-lab (prc 120)
DCP Denton A. Cooley Pavilion
DEV Development Office Building
DFA E. William Doty Fine Arts Building
DFF Ufcu Disch-falk Field
DPI Dell Pediatric Research Institute
E15 Equipment Storehouse # 15
E19 Ceer Test House
E23 Equipment Storehouse # 23
E24 Equipment Storehouse # 24
ECG East Campus Garage
ECJ Ernest Cockrell Jr. Hall
EER Engr Education And Research Center
EME Elec Mech./engr.res.ctr.(prc 133)
FC1 Facilities Complex Bldg. 1
FC2 Facilities Complex Bldg. 2
FC3 Facilities Complex Bldg. 3
FCS Fountain Control Structure
FSB Flammable Storage Building
GRE Gregory Gymnasium
GSB Graduate School Of Business Bldg.
GUG Guadalupe Garage
GWB Gordon-white Building
HCG Health Center Garage
HDB Health Discovery Building
HDR Library High Density Rep (prc 176a)
HIP Health Informatics Program
HTB Health Transformation Building
INT International Office - 2400 Nueces
JCD Jester Dormitory
JES Beauford H. Jester Center
KIN Kinsolving Dormitory
KU2 Kutx-fm Transmitter Bldg (1013180)
LAC Lake Austin Centre
LBJ Lyndon B Johnson Library
LCD Lavaca St. Child Development Center
LLC Living Learning Hall C
M01 Ranch Pump Building
M02 Int.water Xfer.pump Bldg.
M03 Fire Pump & Chlor. Bldg.
M07 Physical Plant/fire Truck Bldg
M13 Astronomer's Lodge
M15 W.l.moody Center
M16 House A
M17 House B And Garage
M23 House H
M26 House L
M31 30" Telescope Dome Bldg.
M33 82" Telescope Dome Bldg.
M34 Harlan J. Smith Telescope
M47 House And Garage No. 14
M49 House And Garage No. 16
M53 Hobby-eberly Telescope (t005)
M63 Frank N Bash Visitors Ctr At Mcd
M67 Het Support Building
M72 Monet Dome Building
M75 Boston Dome & Control Bldgs
M76 Transformer Bldg
M77 Education Center Telescope Dome #3
M78 Het Mechanical Building
M79 Het Weather Station
M80 Water Treatment Building
M81 Physical Plant Support Building
M82 Nexus Haus
M83 Mobile Home No. 5 (2 Bdrm)
M84 Mobile Home No. 6 (2 Bdrm)
M85 Pool Support Building
MAG Manor Garage
MAI Main Building
MHD Moore-hill Dormitory
MNC Moncrief-neuhaus Athletic Center
MR1 Montopolis Office Tower
MRH Music Building & Recital Hall
MTC Material Transfer Center
NEZ North End Zone Building
NHB Norman Hackerman Building
NMS Neural And Molecular Science Bldg.
NUR Nursing School
P30 Records Strg.#1-petex/k16c (prc 30)
P45 Ut Physical Plant Warehouse (prc45)
P99 Prc 99a)
PA1 Power Plant Annex Storehouse # 1
PA3 Power Plant Annex Storehouse #3-wd
PA4 Power Plant Annex Storehouse #4-met
PAR Parlin Hall
PB2 Power Plant Aux. Bldg.# 2
PB5 Power Plant Aux. Bldg.# 5
PB6 Power Plant Aux. Bldg.# 6
PCL Perry-castaneda Library
PE1 Petroleum & Geosys. Engr. (prc 17)
PHR Pharmacy Building
PPL Hal C. Weaver Power Plant
RHD Roberts Hall Dormitory
RHG Rowling Hall Garage
RLP Patton Hall
ROC Research Office Complex (prc 196)
RRH Robert B. Rowling Hall
S13 Main Research Building
S68 Ccos Mariculture Building
S70 Center Coastal Ocean Science (ccos)
SAC Student Activity Center
SBS Red And Charline Mccombs Field
SCA Slp- Cabin A
SCB Slp - Cabin B
SCC Slp - Cabin C
SEA Sarah M. & Charles E. Seay Building
SER Service Building
SJH San Jacinto Residence Hall
SLB Slp - Barn
SLM Slp - Maintenance Bldg
SPH Slp - Pump House
SRH Sid Richardson Hall
SUT Sutton Hall
SZB George I. Sanchez Building
TCB J Neils Thompson Commons (prc 137)
TM1 Non-vert.paleontology Lab (prc 122)
TNH Townes Hall
TRG Trinity Garage
TTC Texas Tennis Center
UA9 2609 University Avenue
UIL Univ. Interscholastic League Bldg.
UNB Union Building
UTA Ut Administration Building
WAG Waggener Hall
WCH Will C. Hogg Bldg.
WEL Robert A. Welch Hall
WGB Whitaker Gateway Building
WIN F.l. Winship Drama Bldg.
WMB West Mall Office Bldg.
WPR West Pickle Research Bldg (prc 156)
WRL Lorraine F Wyer Lab
WRW W.r. Woolrich Labs.