Group Details

Buildings Occupied by Utilities Energy & Facilities Manag

Abbr. Name
ACB Advanced Computing Building (205)
AHG Anna Hiss Gymnasium
ANB Arno Nowotny Building
ARC Animal Resources Center
ARL Arl Main Building (prc 35)
ART Art Building And Museum
ASR Experimental Aerodynamics (prc 7)
BAT Batts Hall
BE1 Beg. Mineral Studies Lab. (prc 131)
BE2 Beg. Repository (prc 132)
BEG Beg. Admin. Bldg. (prc 130)
BEL L. Theo Bellmont Hall
BEN Benedict Hall
BIO Biological Laboratories
BMA Jack S. Blanton Museum Of Art
BMC Belo Center For New Media
BME Biomedical Engineering Building
BMK Blanton Museum Ellsworth Kelly
BMS Blanton Museum Smith Building
BOT Biological Greenhouse
BRB Bernard And Audre Rapoport Building
BSF Briscoe Storage Facility
BTL Battle Hall
BUR Burdine Hall
BWY 2616 Wichita (bridgeway)
CAL Calhoun Hall
CBA College Of Business Administration
CCJ Connally Center For Justice
CDA Comal Child Development Ctr Annex
CDL Collections Deposit Library
CEE Continuing Engineering Education
CM4 Cmrg - Research Offices (prc 201)
CMA Jesse H. Jones Comm. Ctr. (bldg. A)
CMB Jesse H. Jones Comm. Ctr. (bldg. B)
CML Comal St. Child Development Center
CMR Cmrg Concrete Durabil. Ctr.(prc18b)
COM Computation Center
CP1 Prc - Cntrl.chilling Stn. (prc 129)
CP3 Chilling Plant Insul. Shop (prc 78)
CPE Chemical And Petroleum Engineering
CRB Computational Resource Building
CRD Carothers Dormitory
CS7 Central Chilling Station No. 7
CW1 Ctr Water Resources-lab (prc 120)
CWE Ctr. Water & Environment (prc 119)
DEV Development Office Building
DFA E. William Doty Fine Arts Building
DPI Dell Pediatric Research Institute
E26 Equipment Storehouse #26
ECB E.e.r.l./c.e.s.e. (prc 16)
ECJ Ernest Cockrell Jr. Hall
EER Engr Education And Research Center
EM1 Ces Boiler Building (prc 134)
EM2 Eme Annex (prc 161)
EME Elec Mech./engr.res.ctr.(prc 133)
EPS E.p. Schoch Building
ERC Frank C Erwin Special Events Center
ETC Engineering Teaching Center Ii
F20 Bio. Sci. Exp. Field Lab.
F22 Bfl - Greenhouse F22-1
FAC Peter T. Flawn Academic Center
FC1 Facilities Complex Bldg. 1
FC2 Facilities Complex Bldg. 2
FC3 Facilities Complex Bldg. 3
FC5 Facilities Complex Bldg. 5
FC6 Facilities Complex Bldg. 6
FC8 Facilities Complex Bldg. 8
FDH J. Frank Dobie House
FNT Larry R. Faulkner Nano Sci And Tech
FS1 Ferguson Engr Lab Annex (prc 177)
FSL Ferguson Lab.- Main Bldg. (prc 24)
GAR Garrison Hall
GDC Gates Dell Complex
GEA Mary E. Gearing Hall
GEB Dorothy L. Gebauer Building
GOL Goldsmith Hall
GSB Graduate School Of Business Bldg.
GWB Gordon-white Building
HDB Health Discovery Building
HDR Library High Density Rep (prc 176a)
HLB Health Learning Building
HMA Hogg Memorial Auditorium
HRC Harry Ransom Center
HRH Rainey Hall
HSM William Randolph Hearst Bldg
HTB Health Transformation Building
IC2 2815 San Gabriel (ic2 Institute)
ICB Intramural Control Bldg.
INT International Office - 2400 Nueces
JCD Jester Dormitory
JES Beauford H. Jester Center
JGB Jackson Geological Sciences Bldg.
JHH John W. Hargis Hall
JON Jesse H. Jones Hall
LAC Lake Austin Centre
LBJ Lyndon B Johnson Library
LCD Lavaca St. Child Development Center
LCH Littlefield Carriage House
LFH Littlefield Home
LSF Library Storage Facility (prc 176)
LTH Laboratory Theater Bldg.
MAG Manor Garage
MAI Main Building
MB1 Modular Building #1
MBB Moffett Molecular Biology Bldg.
MER Microelect.& Engr.res.ctr.(prc 160)
MEZ Mezes Hall
MR1 Montopolis Office Tower
MRH Music Building & Recital Hall
MSB 2207 Comal (mail Service Building)
MTC Material Transfer Center
NEL Nuclear Engr.teaching Lab.(prc 159)
NEZ North End Zone Building
NHB Norman Hackerman Building
NMS Neural And Molecular Science Bldg.
NOA North Office Building A
NUR Nursing School
P15 Prc Physical Plant Admin. (prc 15)
P19 Prc Custodial/safety/guards (prc19)
P22 Pump House - Reservoir (prc 22)
P25 Prc Supply Center (prc 25)
P2A Power Distribution House (prc 2a)
P33 Recor.strg.#2-petex/ (prc 33)
P45 Ut Physical Plant Warehouse (prc45)
PAC Performing Arts Center
PAI T.s. Painter Hall
PAR Parlin Hall
PAT J.t. Patterson Labs.bldg.
PC1 Comm Twr & Mech Rm (prc 171)
PC2 Dps Twr & Mech Rm (prc 121a/121b)
PCL Perry-castaneda Library
PHR Pharmacy Building
POB Peter O'donnell Jr. Building
PPE Hal C Weaver Power Plant Expansion
PT6 Prc Transformer House #6 (prc 74)
PT8 Prc Transformer House #8 (prc 99)
PX3 Petex (prc 2)
RLM Robert Lee Moore Hall
RLP Patton Hall
ROC Research Office Complex (prc 196)
ROS Sprt.bldg.(prc 198)
RRH Robert B. Rowling Hall
S02 Cafeteria
S06 Main Administration Building
S08 Marine Operations
S12 Physical Plant - Maintenance
S13 Main Wet/dry Laboratory Building
S14 Dormitory D
S15 Beach Street Apts
S20 Fisheries & Mariculture Lab (faml)
S32 Marine Science Education Center
S42 Ark Bird Building
S44 Pier Laboratory Building (new)
S45 Warehouse
S46 Ark Turtle Building
S48 Faml Pump House - Pier
S49 Faml Pump House - Lab
S52 Shore Power Facility
S54 R/v Katy Pavilion
S62 Wilson Pump House
S65 Cca Tx Lab For Marine Larviculture
S66 Estuarine Research Center
S68 Faml Mesocosm Facility
S69 Ccos Central Plant
SAC Student Activity Center
SEA Sarah M. & Charles E. Seay Building
SER Service Building
SRH Sid Richardson Hall
SSB Student Services Building
SSW School Of Social Work Building
SUT Sutton Hall
SV1 Prc Service Ctr Trades (prc 136)
SV2 Prc Svc.ctr./auto.&grnds. (prc 135)
SW7 2617 Speedway (ofc.bldg.)
SZB George I. Sanchez Building
T5B Tarl Mod Unit 5b - Marl (prc 5b)
T5C Tarl Mod. Unit 5c - Office (prc 5c)
TAR Texas Archeological Res. Lab(prc 5)
TCB J Neils Thompson Commons (prc 137)
TCC Joe C Thompson Conference Center
TM1 Non-vert.paleontology Lab (prc 122)
TM2 Tmm & Msi Storage (prc 18a)
TMM Texas Memorial Museum
TNH Townes Hall
TRX Technology Resources Bldg (prc 197)
TSB Tennis Support Building
TSC Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Ctr
UA9 2609 University Avenue
UIL Univ. Interscholastic League Bldg.
UPB University Police Building
UTA Ut Administration Building
UTC University Teaching Center
VP2 Vert Paleontology Annex (prc 21b)
VPL Vertebrate Paleontology (prc 6)
WAG Waggener Hall
WCH Will C. Hogg Bldg.
WCS Waller Creek Control Station
WEL Robert A. Welch Hall
WIN F.l. Winship Drama Bldg.
WMB West Mall Office Bldg.
WPR West Pickle Research Bldg (prc 156)
WR1 Wpr Chilling Plant (prc 157)
WR2 Wpr Electrical Vault (prc 158)
WRW W.r. Woolrich Labs.
WWH Walter Webb Hall